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Finca El Paraiso, Betelgeuse - Guatemala (Sold out, back soon)

Volumes1kg, 250g

Farmed by Stuardo Coto and family

Process - Natural

Variety - Bourbon

Altitude - 1300 masl

Samuel Coto acquired the farm in 1977 and managed it until 1985. That year, Stuardo Coto, his son took over. Based on the difficulties in the current coffee market he realised that the only way he could maintain the farms sustainably would be investing in specialty market, and with that he started studying more about different varietals, yields and cup quality.

He's very conscious about the environment around him and prohibits any deforestation and hunting on his land. This is an incredibly unique coffee, and we only have a small quantity available at the roastery.

Tasting of strawberries and honey.