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Las Colmenas - Honduras

Volumes1kg, 250g

Farmed by Virgilio Mejia Mebreno

Process - Washed (organic)

Variety - Red Catuai

Altitude - 1400 masl

Virgilio Mejia MembreƱo is the owner of Las Colmenas, a 3 hectare farm at 1300masl in the Rio Colorado area of San Pedro, Copan. Virgilio has owned the farm for 7 years and has recently been planting new varieties such as Catuai, Lempira and IHCAFE90, but Caturra is still the main variety.

This coffee is delivered to the Aruco mill where they float and clean the cherry before pulping and fermenting overnight without water. The coffee is the dried on raised beds for 8 -15 days weather depending on raised beds.

Tasting of cranberry, pear, hazelnut and milk chocolate.