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Villa Esperanza - Colombia (Competition Coffee)


Farmed by Diego Samuel Bermudez

Process - Special fermentation

Variety - Castillo

Altitude - 1700 masl

Diego Samuel was born in Bolivar, Cauca and has dedicated the last 13 years of his life to growing coffee. He has developed a deep understanding on the processing and production of high end specialty coffee, such that is almost unparalleled in flavour to anything else produced in the country.

Diego works on the farm in Cauca with his wife, two daughters and two brothers. Together they are involved in the pursuit of continual learning and striving to achieve greater results with their processing methods. Initially they built their own lab on the farm to enable them to learn about tasting, brewing and roasting. This lead to the family creating their own fermentation protocols for them to begin experimenting with. Such novel approaches to coffee have allowed Diego to excel and win several awards from 2015 onwards.

Diego has also achieved the CQI level 2 processing course qualification. This has taught him about how different flavours can be achieved depending on microorganisms, ph levels and environment temperature.

The Villa Esperanza - Paraiso farm in El Tambo, Cauca sits at 1700 masl and covers 27 ha of land. It is planted with Castillo, Colombia, Caturra and Geisha. The whole farm has a strong focus on technology, intricate processing methods and meticulous drying methods (mitigating the changeable climatic conditions, allowing Diego to replicate coffees of such high standards).

This coffee is 100% Castillo variety, which again disproves myths that still question the quality this varietal can produce.

This coffee undergoes the following process:

1. First phase cherry fermentation (24 hours at 19 degrees Celsius)
2. Pulping
3. Water is added at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and the second phase of fermentation in mucilage begins for 36 hours
4. Thermic shock washed with water at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and then again with water at 12 degrees Celsius
5. Coffee with moisture levels at 57% goes into the Eco Enigma drying machine at a relative humidity of 30% and 32 degrees Celsius for approximately 30 hours to obtain a bean moisture level between 10% and 11.5% by condensation.
6. Coffee is bagged and sent to Obadiah for roasting, only to prepare this incredibly meticulous work for brewing.

Tasting of mandarin, orange blossom, rum and tamarind.